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Are you constantly searching for answers to your wellness concerns?

Do you wonder why you keep on falling back to old habits?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the mind, body and life?

If you’re like me, you’re probably always wondering…

Is there more for me? Can I get better? And if so, how do I get it?

Think about all the questions you’ve asked yourself so far on your wellness journey.

“What should I eat?”

“What workouts should I do?”

“What supplements should I take?”

“Who should I listen to?”

“How can I just be happy?”

“Why can’t I stay consistent?”

“Why me?”

Stop. Those are the wrong questions. Now, ask yourself this.

“How can I build the self confidence, strong mindset and gain understanding of my health issues, so I can remain energized, motivated and committed to my goals, no matter ANY external circumstances or obstacles that arise, for constant progression, optimal health and internal fulfilment?”

Now that’s a much more powerful question.

Here’s the truth about your wellbeing and your goals.

You can have a great meal plan...

You can have the BEST training program...

But if you can’t resolve underlying health issues and mental blockages, you will continue to stay the same, or fall back to your old ways.

90% of your serotonin is created in your gut. 70-80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract. 95-98% of your behaviour is run by your subconscious mind. Your gut, brain and nervous system are directly connected, so your physiology affects your psychology, and vise versa.

If you are not getting the results you want, something needs to change. The journey to sustainable wellbeing always begins by transforming from inside-out.

If the plan doesn't work, then change the plan, not the goal!

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If you are fine with your progress and current conditions, then this isn’t for you.

But if you are hungry for more, eager for growth, committed to a better self, health and life, longing to create fulfilment, adventure and impact, then you’re in the right place. If you’re wondering what you could do to improve your mental and physical well-being, chances are you’re different from most people.

Most people quit at the sight of resistance and discomfort. They don’t take the necessary actions, or the risks because it seems easier to stay the same or unrealistic to achieve.

If your goal is to become the healthiest, happiest and best version of yourself so you can live life to the fullest, here’s what you’ll need to know.
• How to properly set goals & unlock your internal motivation
• How to clear your vision and build a roadmap towards achieving your goals
• How to let go of limiting beliefs, stories and patterns
• How to create change from a place of self love and acceptance
• How to adopt a strong success mindset
• How to shift your thoughts and emotional state
• How to reduce stress, prioritize yourself and create more balance in your life
• How to rebalance your body (gut microbiome, digestive system, immune system, nervous system, etc)
• How to have a proper wellness plan for your current state, body type, lifestyle and goals
• How to stay committed to yourself and the process no matter what!

Most importantly… make the decision to change from the future version of yourself you want to become - not based on your current circumstances. This is how you begin rewriting your new story, as the hero who does not allow external circumstances or past experiences to stop you.

Do you believe it’s all possible for you? If not, do you want this to change too?

Now, you can go out and try to find the proper resources and learn all of these skills on your own. Alone, you may find moments of energy, motivation, progression and happiness, but it doesn’t always last, does it?

And, most of you are also working, studying and/or parenting, so your time is very valuable.Do you believe it would be a good time investment?

Or, do you think it would be more *valuable* to hire a coach who could *teach you*all of this in a *shorter period of time* and *get you results faster,* while also *supporting you* through the entire process?

Of course, it’s a no brainer.

/Sucess stories

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Before I started with Bre, my health, fitness and mindset were shit. People judged and poked fun at me all the time, so I would get sad, mad, upset, feel all my emotions in waves. I would eat and overthink. I thought losing the extra weight would help but it was just one broken piece of the puzzle.

I was hesitant to join her programs because I didn’t want to fail. However, the first call with Bre is why I joined. She looked at me with open eyes and an open heart, with her willingness to help me succeed, and not let me give up. She was what I needed to decide it was about ME now, not what others thought. I’m so glad I said yes, although I still fear the set back sometimes.

My favourite part of working with Bre is the experience, and having a friend to talk to. Someone to not judge me, but kick my ass into gear when I need it most. I would recommend her programs to everyone, because of the wonderful person who runs them. She knows we all have our story, and gives us the courage to tell them.

SHAUNNA - Better Health program

Since signing up, I have accomplished so much mentally that I feel like I can accomplish ANYTHING I set my mind to. I can acknowledge and reflect on how I feel and why, and I have to tools to get myself back on track without thinking that “It's too late, I already messed it up” or that “maybe my goals aren’t realistic” or maybe “I just can’t do it or it’s not for me”.

The program itself touches every aspect you need to accomplish what you set your mind to. You have all the tools and it is super user friendly.

I would recommend this to everyone who struggled with the same issues I had. I do sometimes still struggle with certain aspects but now I have every tool I need in the program to reflect and review the key points I sometimes need to be reminded of. Bre is also very helpful to get back to and express where you stand, and she always gets you back on track.

ELYSE - Better Health program

Before working with Bre, my health, fitness and mindset was on and off for a lot of years. It was never really a constant thing for me. I wasn’t hesitant to sign up because I knew my main goal was to find help in health and fitness and a coach that seemed fitting for me who could help me on my journey, and Bre’s positivity really made it an easy decision for her to be the one to help me. 

All the results that came out of the time with Bre we're the biggest. Positive mind set, setting goals, helping get meals organized and workouts that always fit my routine. She helped boost me on this new journey in life. Her energy was so easy to vibe with and so positive.

 I would recommend EVERYONE to work with Bre!!! She’s a great health/fitness coach, extremely knowledgeable and you can tell she does what she does to truly help people on their journey to wellness!

CASSIe - Private Coaching

When I began working with Bre, my health and fitness were good, but I was having a hard time manifesting a positive mindset towards everyday life. I was always my biggest critic as I have been alone since I was 17 and it played a huge factor in if I felt worthy enough of love or life, my job, my body, etc. I had no control over these crippling thoughts and thus self sabotage was my daily life.

I decided to seek her guidance because I wanted to help myself, and after talking with Bre, she helped me understand that it is okay to ask for help. It is unconventional, but through her work she helps people realize their potential, and set them up for success by breaking habits that hold them down. I am so happy I said yes because I gained confidence in who I present to the world. I now know that I AM a powerhouse, and I will not be swayed!

KRYSTAL - Private Coaching

I’m glad I said yes because it’s opened my eyes to so many things. This program and working with Bre truly opened my eyes and made me realize what my true purpose is. I had to change my mindset, get my priorities straight, start thinking for myself rather than being scared of what everyone else might think of me. My biggest result from this is my confidence. No more anxiety, I’m truly happy with the person I am becoming.

My favourite part was the 7 levels deep, I bawled my eyes out when I did it cause I never really thought what was so important in life, I didn’t think of why I needed so much change I just felt it. And this piece kind of blew my mind cause my answers meant a lot more to me than I realized. It was powerful. Secondly, the daily love practice! This brought me an immense amount of peace. My heart felt so full and warm.

OLIVIA - Better mind program

Before the course, I was scatterbrained, unclear of what I wanted or needed, and never felt good enough. I didn’t have any hesitations for a few reasons, the main one being I’ll invest in myself if I think it will help me. And, I like helping people who put their heart and soul into something. What made me say yes was the confidence Bre had in her own program, having the science based knowledge and I believed it could truly help me. 

I was so happy I enrolled. I think the biggest change was my actual mindset towards myself, and daily life changes. I no longer saw the negative things as burdens or inconvenience, but more as a learning lesson, and opportunities for growth. It’s helped me work to no longer see myself as worthless. I am more organized, more peaceful and more connected with my mind and body. My favourite part was all the activities included. I love worksheets and organization, so I can always go back to read the lessons again, and redo the activities!

ERIKKA - Better mind program

Before I started the program, I was inconsistent with workouts and my cravings dictated my behaviours. My emotions were very unstable and I was stuck in the victim mentality. I often gave up before I even started, had unhealthy habits and believed life was “happening to me”. Since joining the program, I love exercising, I am more energized, knowledgeable on wellbeing and conscious of my eating habits. I no longer crave junk, rather I want to fuel my body with healthy foods. I feel in control of my thoughts, emotions, actions and outcomes. I am more gentle with myself, more motivated and self-accountable. My perspective on life completely shifted; I am more clear about what I want, and I see life as a fun adventure. I was hesitant to join because it was the biggest investment I had ever made into myself. I was afraid to fail. I’m glad I did because the extra support was helpful in accelerating my growth at a pace I wouldn’t be able to do alone.

I would recommend this program to anyone looking to change their health, mindset and life. It’s such a complete program so it will support transformation in ALL areas of wellbeing (health, mindset, relationship, career, finances, etc). It gives you so many tools and education for self reflection, motivation to push you, and create new goals!

Julliette - Better health program

Before I started the program, my gut was all over the place. I had high cravings and ate emotionally. I felt very sore and stiff; I didn’t exercise or stretch nearly enough. I focused on people-pleasing, and I didn’t give enough to myself. I identified strongly with past stories and I was stuck in a victim mentality.
Since joining the program, I have less back pain, more energy, and more knowledge on what and when to eat. I learned that who I am is a direct reflection of who I choose to become, and what I make of my stories! I now act for myself, my wellbeing and do what feels good for me! I choose myself regardless of external circumstances, and I walk empowered. I am content with who I am, I use my strengths to my advantage, and create my own vision for success. I am now able to pick myself up after I fall and not give up because I know I can accomplish what I set my mind to.
I was hesitant to join because of my financial situation. However, I can’t put a price on the lessons that I have learned in this program. I am happy with my investment because it gave me a lot of tools and helped me make realizations that will serve me in the future to manage stress and life events. 
If you feel like you are stuck or that there’s a big wall between you and your dream self or life, this program is helpful to support you in overcoming that!

Sarah - Better health program

Give yourself the gift of receiving support and accelerating your growth. No more putting it off.

It’s taken me many years, thousands of dollars, numerous hours of study, learning from courses and coaches, to get to where I am today.

Here’s the thing. I’m not here to “pitch” you or “sell” you anything.This is a deep commitment and investment in YOURSELF, for YOU!

You are so beautiful. You are so deserving. You are so worthy. You have so much potential.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the course of my own wellness journey is that change must come from our own internal desires and commitments to self. It has to stem from a place of self love and aspiration for betterment in order to create sustainable change.

And if you don’t believe or feel this way about yourself yet, it is okay! This is the work!

My deepest desire is  for you to be your own hero and take ownership of your wellbeing, so you can accomplish your wildest dreams!

So here's what I am going to do if you are ready and committed to your better self.

I’m going to help you. Free of Charge.

Apply for your FREE Wellness Strategy Session NOW
(Spots are limited and are taken by application only.)


Everyone is different, so I will personally help you identify your needs and show you the best course of action for your particular situation, to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be!

Then, if we feel synergy, and like we would be the right fit to work together on your goals, we can discuss the best options for you!


This is a two hour private session where we map out personal goals, break down limiting beliefs, navigate emotional patterns, create a roadmap and solidify a plan to help you reach your best self and life. At the end of the first call, you will also receive a 1 time meal and training guide and customized supplement protocol suited to your goals and needs. In the second call, we will review and update guide as needed moving forward. +Bonus 30 minute follow-up call!

WHAt's included

This is the most extensive level of support and highly selective, only for those who are deeply committed to going all in on their goals, willing to make a big investment into themselves and truly thrive into the greatest expression from the inside-out.

This experience is an all-in transformation of mind, gut health, and physical wellbeing to create the best life and the best you possible!

• Access to ‘Better Mind’ course
• 3-month custom meal and training guides
• Monthly call, review and program updates
• Customized Supplement protocol
• Access to ALL courses and programs
• 3-month custom meal and training guides
• Biweekly call, review and updates as needed
• Customized Supplement protocol
“Every thought that we think, leads to an action we eventually take, and those actions add up to become the sum of our life” - Dr Stephen Cabral

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