"She will go beyond the “expected” - A passionate professional!"

Breanna is an ideal blend of professional, hard-working, and passionate at what she does. This is a perfect fit for Status Fitness Magazine. Seamless integration in beliefs and styles has allowed us to grow rapidly and enjoyably together.

Working with Breanna has been a pleasure. She has demonstrated she will go beyond the "expected" to achieve the ultimate results. Breanna participated in 3 Status Model Searches and improved at each one. This demonstrated to me she can and will grow and persevere through anything. One of our collaborations includes a comprehensive video training series. In it, Breanna takes viewers through effective and innovative 20-minute legs/glutes, upper body, and lower body programs that are fat-burning, easy, and fun to follow. This was a challenging production that required a lot of skills and effort. Breanna delivered a level beyond expectation. A passionate professional.
From the first time I met Breanna at a Status Model Search in Montreal, I knew she was going to make a great impact in fitness. She oozed talent, passion, and focus, and possessed an unparalleled drive. Fast forward to 2021, we are proud to have Breanna as a Status Fitness Magazine Columnist and Athlete.”

I would recommend Breanna if you are looking for a go-getter with lots of talent and aspirations."
- Rodney Jang

"Solid in sales and definitely consistent with everything she does!"

“Bre is a little fireball she aims high and always works hard to achieve it. I started working with her 4 years ago and the day we met I told her she's gonna do great, solid in sales and definitely consistent with everything she does.
My favourite part about working with Bre was her personality and the fact that she's one of the most persistent people I know. We've worked together for 4 years and she was loyal all the way to the end which is something I appreciate, she's like family.

I would absolutely recommend others work with Bre!"
- Dany Khoury


"Bre is one of the easiest models to work with!"

Bre is one of the easiest models to work with, she knows her body well and how to position it during photoshoots. She hits every position easily and swiftly, often doing so before requested. She also brings ideas to the table, which helps when as a photographer, sometimes ideas are stiffled when focusing on other things like silhouette/lighting.
Breanna is a bright and bubbly young woman, whom is leagues ahead of all us all. Her ambition shows no bounds, I am proud to have known, worked and called Breanna a friend. She's an inspiration to us all. We’ve even done a shoot where she coached models, to help with posing and confidence.”

I would recommend both models and photographers to work with Bre!"

- Joshua Morley: @joshmorley_photography

"She’s the total package!!"

From start to finish Breanna was a gem to work with. I could work with her everyday and not run out of ideas. My shoot with Breanna was almost all day long. She took direction very well and offered ideas on posing. The level of professionalism and punctuality was by far the best experience I’ve had working with a model/client. I honestly can not say enough positive things about working with Breanna. 
I can't really point out one favorite thing about Breanna. She's the total package. Breanna comes well prepared for any shoot. When working in public spaces for shoots it's important to be able to get your shot without hesitation. I was able to get every shot I wanted, with all the distractions of the public. I love how she can nail any look. Breanna is an amazing and talented model. She's very intellectual which makes the shoot fun and exciting. She's very versatile in her ability to pose, different styles of looks. I love working with Breanna; her professionalism, demeanor and attitude is a joy to be around.  If you want to update or increase your portfolio she is perfect for that. If you have a brand and are looking for an amazing spokesperson Breanna is the perfect fit for any fitness, boutique and/or lingerie company.

I would absolutely recommend Breanna for any shoot."

- Casey Amaral: @casey.foto

"Bre is so impressive!"

Bre is so impressive! Not only did she know exactly what she wanted, she also asked for feedback to increase her knowledge. This open mindedness was refreshing, as she never gave off a vibe of "I know it all" which is oftentimes present in our industry. 
If I had to describe Bre, I would use the word "driven". I was immediately impressed with her goals, motivations, purpose and vision. While most 20-somethings would be focused on 20-something interests... Bre had already discovered her "bigger picture" Which allowed for a much more enjoyable working experience with her.
I honestly felt inspired and motivated to expand my vision board after working with Bre. Her goals reached so far... I realized I could reach for more myself.

I would recommend 10000% yes. Because she's amazing. Period.”

- Brett Seeley: @seeleyfoto

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