What does it mean to be an Integrative Health Practitioner?⤵️

I believe in balancing the body, organisms and the mind in combination to optimize your health, incorporating various forms of medicine!

Here are the 7 Disciplines of IHP

As an IHP, I follow the DESTRESS Protocol: Diet, Exercise, Stress reduction, Toxin removal, Rest, Emotional balance, Supplements and Success mindset. My aim is to educate, inspire and empower you to make the best decisions for your health and wellbeing. Together, we work on optimizing your routines, lifestyle, and self confidence so you can become your best self, and live a better life! For years I battled my own mental and physical struggles. I remember what it feels like to constantly be going to the doctors, only to leave feeling more confused and disempowered than before entering. I wanted answers. I wanted different options – one’s that would truly benefit my body now, and long term, by getting to the root cause of the issue instead of masking symptoms. This is when I began looking into Integrative Health, so I could discover how to get well myself, and now I get to share it with you!!

Here are a few crazy facts:
😧  20-25% have auto-immune conditions (me included).
😧  75% of people will die from heart condition, stroke, cancer or metabolic syndrome.
😧  66% of the population is overweight.
😧  By age 40, 50% of the population will have, or have had mental illness (me included).

When I first began learning this material, I was mind-blown how we got here as a society, and how there is so much powerful information that is not shared with the world.

My mission is not only to help you transform your health and happiness, but also to educate you, so you can make empowered health decisions for yourself and your family.


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